The Monster Mash: Drinks for This Halloween

With Halloween around the corner, what better time to think about what you might want to conjure up for the inevitable costume party?

Whether you’re hosting or bringing provisions to the occasion, you’ll want to have something that is suitably spooky or generate a shiver down the spine.

Not only was ‘The Monster Mash’ a hit single from 1962 by one-hit-wonder Bobby Pickett but it could also have been an ode to craft beer making as much as it was a love letter to Frankenstein. 

After all, mashing is the term given to the start of the brewing process. So here we will delve into some tempting tricks and treats to liven up your Halloween party game in style. When you are ready to order your next beverage delivery in Vancouver, get these drinks on your shopping list. Don’t forget – Darby’s offer alcohol delivery service 7 days a week in Downtown Vancouver, UBC, Vancouver East Side, West Side, Vancouver West End, Kitsilano, Mount Pleasant and more.

What’s in a name?

There are plenty of great beverages out there that will offer a nod and a wink to this spooky time of year. Take a look at these beverages with labels that will suit the mood of the party to a tee.

33, Acres of Darkness, 5% ABV

Halloween is a dark holiday, with a history rich in pickings for the buff who likes to regale with stories about its origins. It would be remiss not to serve a dark and moody lager to coincide with the scariest day of the year. This is a Schwarzbier that offers a lightness to the palate despite its dark and daring colour. 

Field House, Dark Sour, 10% ABV

Well, this should get a mood on. A strong sour beer, with tart and tangy notes of blueberry and blackberry (picked locally), this is a drink for the bonfire and tasteful conversation. Deeply moody and reflective, it’s a beer for adults who are more interested in repose rather than posing on Halloween per se. Available in an oversized bottle of 650ml, we recommend sharing one and then seeing how the discourse goes given its feisty ABV!

Hoyne, Dark Matter, 5.3%ABV

Is it a lager? Is it an ale? Is it a porter? It’s all and none of these things. Like a total enigma, Dark Matter is a beverage that defies description. So much so, that it doesn’t even have a description for what style of beer it is on the bottle. We say that is 100% witchcraft! Dare to take a draught of this potion at your peril.

Neighbourhood, Oktoberish, 5.9% ABV

We would be remiss to say that October is not just about Halloween, it’s also all about Oktoberfest! Embrace your inner Teutonic tendencies and fill your boots with a suitably hop-filled Kolsch beer featuring rich malt notes and a whole lotta’ oompah.

North Point, Berry the Hatchet, 6% ABV

If something sour is more your groove, look no further than this berry-packed punch. Tart, packed with flavour, and reminiscent of summer days that are by now a distant memory. Surely this would be the ideal choice Jason or Michael Myers would approve of sipping after a hard day at work.

Parallel 49, Helles Craft Lager, 5% ABV

Hells bells or Helles Craft Lager…you decide! AC/DC wouldn’t argue about having a pint of this domestic beer with its clean and refreshing pale malt notes. A traditional German lager style gives this beer proper curb appeal for the masses, so stock up on this if you’re having a Halloween hoedown.

Storm, Blood Moon Raspberry Lambic, 8% ABV

This is another autumnal favourite for the bloodthirsty among us. Actual blood moons only crop up every few years, but this is a sour and tasty lambic that will thrill your tastebuds. A dark sour with malt notes and aged for 2 years, this is one to pour once the stragglers and die-hards are around. Save it for the end and savour it for the beauty it is.

Yellow Dog, Play Dead, 6.8% ABV

To be fair, Halloween is all about the undead and unearthly creatures that go bump in the night. So this IPA is ideal to serve your guests with the paradox that it’s actually got a tropical kick up its sleeve. With a dry finish and all the right tropical notes that will linger on the palate, this is a surprising crowd-pleaser that might create a few zombies if you’re not careful! 

Calling all spirits…

We’re not recommending anyone to be like Carol Anne in Poltergeist, but there are definitely SOME spirits worth inviting into your home when it’s time to be festive around Hallows Eve.

Compass Box Whisky, The Peat Monster, 46%ABV

Whether you love a peaty whisky or not, this is our whisky of choice for the season of the witch. Smoky flavours combined with orchard fruits give this malt a delectable spectrum of notes that will both surprise and delight. A trick or a treat? It’s anyone’s guess, but for our money, it’s worth a splurge for fans of Islay or Highland-style whiskies.

Crystal Head Vodka, 40% ABV

Nothing says Halloween like a skull to decorate your bar. Why not have one that is filled with a clear and citrusy vodka to spook your guests while you serve them with a number of brilliant cocktails? Yes, this vodka does double duty as both a prop for the holiday and provides a heady hit of Halloween sauce in a one-two punch. The bottle alone is worth a ‘rinse and keep’ once finished for future shenanigans in our book.

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